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Netage Solutions

Netage Solutions’ Dynamo™ Hedge Fund Edition is an industry-specific, Cloud-based CRM solution that empowers hedge fund managers worldwide to optimize their investor relations workflow and efficiently address evolving compliance requirements. The collective feedback of Netage’s 300 clients, and seventeen years of experience dedicated to the alternative assets industry, have contributed to Dynamo’s™ highly configurable, readily scalable, and feature-rich hedge fund software solution.

The Dynamo™ CRM answers investors’ demands for greater transparency by simplifying relationship and reporting management. Dynamo’s™ fluid integration with Microsoft Office® enables users to compile investor data, correspondence, and activity records into a comprehensive investor profile. This profile, which is built to align with the firm’s terminology and operational priorities, also contains transactional data, subscription documents, and terms. Users can utilize these profiles in tandem with Dynamo’s™ Advanced Search features to build strategic mailing lists, deliver compelling communications, and maximize return on marketing efforts.

Dynamo™ boasts capable investment research management functionality for enabling fund managers to automatically gather prospective investment research and intelligently store data. Qualitative and quantitative information can be reviewed through a systematic peer review process, or accessed on demand.

Dynamo™ has addressed the increasingly complex regulatory environment for hedge funds through dedicated modules for managing growing compliance mandates. The dynamic reporting engine generates compelling reporting for compliance, marketing, investment research management, and investor communications.

Offering several new client-driven updates a year, Netage’s Dynamo™ software platform supports the evolving technical operational requirements of some of the world’s largest hedge fund managers.

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