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Sequoia Hill Capital Management

Sequoia Capital Fund Management LLP (“SCFM”) is a quantitative investment manager based in the UK and formed in 2011 as a spin-out from Sequoia Capital LLP, an options market-making firm established by CEO, Douglas Garistina in 1996.  SCFM’s strengths derive from an exceptionally strong and diverse team of quants with a robust research and trading approach.  Underlying this is an institutional-quality infrastructure built by SCFM’s in-house operations and software teams.

The focus of SCFM’s investment process is on short-term systematic strategies.  Everything from the data-driven models to risk-management & post trade operations is automated and standardised, allowing for a consistently delivered investment process.  A close and transparent relationship is a cornerstone of the SCFM client experience to ensure an alignment of between the investors’ and manager’s expectations and goals.

To date, SCFM has launched a G10 FX strategy targeting a 15% annualised volatility and providing a highly differentiating returns stream to its investors.  SCFM’s long-term expectation for this strategy is a Sharpe Ratio of 2.0 and a Sortino Ratio in excess of 3.5.  Short-term, for SCFM, refers to a position holding period averaging a little less than 2 days as this is where SCFM believes genuine Alpha opportunities can be found.  As such, SCFM’s strategies are not correlated to any of the major benchmarks.

With new strategies in the pipeline, we invite you to contact us to find out more about our unique brand of strategies.

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