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Tactical Global Management Limited

Tactical Global Management (TGM) is a specialist manager in the areas of global tactical asset allocation (GTAA)/global macro, currency and rebalancing overlay management, and socially responsible impact investing.  TGM has offices in Brisbane and London.

TGM has a long history of providing tailored investment solutions to its clients. TGM is totally independent and as such has no trading relationship with any affiliate, and always works in the best interests of the client.

TGM is a leader in the application of global economic and financial market modelling to alpha generation.  Using this approach we have successfully been generating alpha for over 17 years by exploiting miss-pricings in global equity, bond, and currency markets.

We also offer a range of beta management services including rebalancing and currency overlays and balance sheet management services.  The objective of these is to assist clients in managing the risk of their underlying assets and associated cash flows relative to their strategic benchmark.  Clients also benefit from the return premium generated by a disciplined overlay rebalancing program. 

TGM is also actively involved in the area of socially responsible impact investing, by using its global reach to bring to the Australian and New Zealand market a number of funds that generate attractive risk adjusted returns as well as support humanitarian and environmental projects.

At TGM we are committed to excellence in all aspects of our business.  Integrity is critical and we act honestly in the best interests of our clients, working in partnership with them to achieve their investment objectives.

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