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Atlantic Capital Advisors LLC

Atlantic Capital Advisors, founded in 2007, is a commodities-oriented fund, focused on the most liquid futures markets in a variety of time frames, incorporating flat price, calender and inter-commodity relative value trading, to yield superior risk-adjusted returns that are uncorrelated, robust and have a reliable, consistent risk profile.

Trading methodology is based upon proprietary analytics and models, developed over decades of trading commodities, both physical markets as well as derivatives, with a discretionary overlay shaped by anecdotal information flows and constant risk management analysis. Risk management operates at the trade level through to portfolio level and is highly disciplined, risk averse and incorporates options where necessary (with close attention to tail risk).

The prime goals of the program are capital preservation and to generate returns in inflationary or deflationary conditions, especially in volatile and destabilized conditions, when a more traditional portfolio of stocks and bonds performs poorly, with a limited and tightly managed risk profile during periods of stability, when the traditional portfolio performs well.

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