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Future Trade AG

About Future Trade AG

Future Trade AG is a registered Commodity Trading Advisor and Commodity Pool Operator and develops quantitative and discretionary trading systems primarily specialized for trading commodity futures. Markus Amstutz is one of the founding partners of Future Trade AG, has invested his own personal assets in the Firm and has considerable experience and knowledge in trading of commodity futures contracts, which he acquired during a career of many years as a commodity broker.

Manager's Biography

Prior to establishing Future Trade AG and launching his "Thales Swing Trading Programme" in 2007, Markus worked as "Headhunter" at Human Relations GmbH (1999-2006) and MCZ AG (1994-1999), specialized in executive search for banks and financial services providers. Prior to this Markus acquired experience in trading of commodity futures contracts (three of those in the back office). Markus was a commodity broker at Alco Commodities Inc. (1989-1990), a senior commodity broker at Refco Futures Inc. (1990-1992) and at SFH Swiss Financial Holding Ltd. (1992-1994) in Zurich. Within his responsibilities were day-to-day dealings with brokerage customers, the management of "Discretionary Accounts" with full trading authorization, and trading with commodity and financial futures contracts as well as the development of quantitative trading systems.

Investment Strategy

Future Trade AG utilizes systematic and discretionary trading systems operating over multiple time frames with volatility and market risk control for long-term capital appreciation. The systems have been designed to achieve substantial portfolio diversification and initially consists of two main strategies: long term and short term.

Why Future Trade AG?

Because the company represents Swiss merits and is primarily specialized to cover the asset class "commodities". Future Trade AG offers investors with the Thales Swing Trading Programme a indispensable long / short portfolio improvement since more than six years with reduced correlation to traditional asset classes.

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