Best CRM Software Suites for Investment Managers

Backstop Solutions Group

Backstop Solutions Group is a leading provider of cloud-based solutions for the institutional investment industry. Founded in 2003, Backstop has since grown to serve more than 640 clients worldwide with offices in New York, Chicago, London and Los Angeles.

With two core products, Backstop and InvestorBridge, Backstop Solutions Group offers institutional investors a range of solutions to help them make better investment decisions, reduce risk and work more efficiently. For Backstop’s fund manager clients – varying in size from start-ups funds to multi-billion dollar established funds – solutions for CRM, sales and marketing, and investor relations allow them to efficiently manage relationships, track and support sales pipelines, effectively communicate with investors and achieve operational efficiency. 

Backstop Solutions Group also serves end investors, including some of the world’s leading endowments, foundations, pensions, family offices and institutions. Research management, portfolio management and CRM solutions assist these firms with streamlining their research processes, organizing their due diligence processes, and tracking and monitoring their portfolios. By serving both allocators and fund managers, Backstop has a unique position to help each side of the business in collecting, managing and reporting information crucial to the investment process.

With world-class client services and a team with years of relevant industry experience, Backstop understands the complex business needs of the alternatives industry. Together, Backstop’s clients represent more than $2 trillion in AUM.


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