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Setanta Asset Management Ltd

Setanta Asset Management (“Setanta”) is active asset manager applying a fundamental, bottom up, value driven style within a global sector framework. Setanta aims to do three things very well:

·         Apply value investing principles through independent, fundamental stock research

·         Each stock is considered, researched and an investment case built by a Portfolio Manager who is a global sector specialist

·         Each investment case is the responsibility of the Portfolio Manager but is challenged by the team

All funds managed by Setanta Asset Management embrace a value investment philosophy.  At the core of this philosophy is a rejection of the efficient markets hypothesis.  The belief that value does not equal price energises our investment team to search for the most attractively valued securities on a global basis.

Also fundamental to our value philosophy is the belief that a company is only genuinely a true value proposition if it has financial strength.  Value investors have a long term outlook.  Only with this strong balance sheet will management be capable of realising the value we identify, despite any of the difficulties which invariably appear over time.  We look for competent honest management who ideally are strongly aligned with shareholder interests.         

The Setanta investment approach is simple.  We build our portfolios with investments in companies that we understand, are financially robust, have sustainable businesses, and where the stock valuation is attractive.  We also take a long-term view (3-5 years) when making decisions to invest. 

We concentrate our resources on analysing stocks at the micro level with the strong belief that in the long-term, lowly priced stocks will outperform the market as they are drawn towards fair value. We build on our experience every day and believe that good judgement comes from experience. 

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