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Adaws Capital LLC

Since 2013, Adaws Capital, LLC has been generating consistent profits with peace of mind for an international client base. With a focus on Asian high-net-worth investors, we allow them the means to participate in the U.S. markets, returning steady profits along with protection of capital.

By employing a range of options strategies, profits can be generated in both upwards, sidewards and downwards markets. Risk to reward is at the forefront of our investment strategy, along with placing high probability trades that return consistent profits.

Our success is dependent upon offering a fund that is conveniently structured (redemptions, gate, lockup periods etc.) to suit the needs of today’s investors.

We trade only highly liquid assets (U.S. indexes, ETFs and mid-to-large cap companies listed on the U.S. exchanges) allowing easy exit of positions, giving investors easy access to their cash when needed.

A variety of resources are offered to investors to keep them up-to-date on the allocation and performance of their investment. Further investor benefits include free access to VIP lounges at airports, and business office space in over 1200 locations in over 95 countries worldwide.

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