M&A Awards 2016 FAQ

Who has voted for me?

Acquisition International put forward a selection of candidates who we believed to be industry leaders. Beyond this we have accepted third party and self-nominations which flooded in from the 108,000 plus subscribers of AI Magazine and a base of industry professionals. Please note the voting form is anonymous, and so we don’t hold any specific details on who voted for you.

How are the winners determined?

Winners will be determined by three factors: 1) based on the votes received, 2) supporting evidence supplied and 3) in-house research. We consider our in-house research to be vital considering that we accept self-nominations.

How are the awards judged?

Our awards panel is fully in-house, we do not invite external judges. We have been working in this manner for 5 years now and favour the approach because our standards and expectations are set. We have worked hard to ensure the whole process is just and fair.

The in-house awards team is comprised of six individuals. Three of which are in a senior position on the board and are directors of the company, and three comprise a team of researchers who undertake a lot investigative tasks in order to build case files and present to the board.

When can we publicly announce our award?

We will publicly announce the winners in the July 2016 M&A Award Winner’s supplement. We have a strict embargo in place until we publicly announce the results and ask winners to respect this, all winners will be notified when the embargo is lifted.

How have you ensured the voting process is legitimate?

We track sources of the voters to make sure that a firm cannot guarantee success by submitting multiple votes, but we do this with some latitude as we appreciate that multiple people in the same business may wish to cast votes.

Are these awards for the firm or the individual?

The 2016 M&A Awards can be on behalf of the firm, team or individual.

Have you published the M&A Awards before?  Can I see an example?

Yes, we have - please visit our website to see previous award supplements across a range of sectors. You can view the previous M&A Awards supplements by clicking HERE.

Is there a charge?

There is absolutely no commercial requirement associated with winning an award.  Whilst we do offer promotional and marketing opportunities, all winners are entitled to the free package. Any elevated packages and trophies are available to all winners and are OPTIONAL.

Is there an awards dinner?

At this time we do not hold a presentation event. As these awards are distributed globally, they are fully digital and available to view worldwide on our website for many months. This attracts a large audience and guarantees that winners are given broad and ongoing exposure.

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